David Northrup has been associated with The GRETSCH Drum Company for 23 years AND He still proudly performs and records with their acoustic drums. However He recently discovered RL Acrylic Drums and when he finds himself in a studio situation where a project or a specific track calls for “that acrylic drum sound” he looks no further!

His setup consists of:

  • 8x10 Rack Tom
  • 9x12 Rack Tom both equipped with Evans G2 Clear Batter heads and G1 Clear Resonate Heads
  • 16x16 Floor Tom also Equipped with Evans G2 Clear Batter Head. Evans EC Resonate for the bottom side of the floor tom.

All his cymbals in this video are Paiste 2002:

  • 18x22 has The Evans EMAD clear batter and EQ3 Ebony Resonate
  • 6.5x14 Snare Drum is setup with an Evans Coated U1 Batters and Hazy 200 snare side.
  • L-R 15” SoundEdge HH
  • 8” Splash
  • 10” Splash
  • 17” Thin Crash 19” Thin Crash 22” Medium Ride 14” SoundEdge Ex HH
  • 18” Thin Crash 18” China Boy

Preforming a snippet from the instrumental tune “Caveman” which he recorded for Tim & Miles Thompson from their CD release “Transatlantic”.