Nate Figlar is one of the Pittsburgh’s up and coming drummers that has turned many heads. Playing a very eclectic mix of genres from rock, progressive, country, jazz, roots/americana, jamband, and experimental/avant garde. Nate has been described as a solid drummer in any style with just the right amount of complexity to make any music interesting. 

Nate is currently the drummer for " Weltz". He also plays for the Grateful Dead tribute “The Acoustic Company” That is the house band for WV premier music festival “The Back Home Festival” and has recorded with Grammy winning artist, the late Kofi Burbridge. He also plays for the roots/folk band “Catfish Row” that features Rockabilly Hall of Famer Chuck Owston, and a chapman stick duo with international chapman stick artist Dave Brosky called "Stick N Beats". Along with many independent gigs and his own group he plays chapman stick in. Nate in a short time has become one of the busiest drummers in the Pittsburgh area. 

Nate started as a child playing drums for his father Ray Figlar who was a top 40 saxophonist in The Dynatones featuring John Lennon's bassist Gary VanScyoc that had a billboard top forty hit “The Fife Piper”. He grew up playing jazz and progressive rock. As a teenager and young man, he attended West Liberty University where he obtained a music degree with honors. He went on to run a drum department at a music store while performing with many acts making countless recordings throughout his career. He has even gone on to tour with several independent acts over the years. 

Nate is well known to have what has been described as an “encyclopedic knowledge” of drums and percussion. He has partnered playing acrylic drums and octobans from custom drum builder RL Drums and has an eclectic selection of cymbals and gongs from Omete cymbals and gongs. He also plays a variety of other instruments like electric and keyboard percussion (especially vintage vibes) and even plays solo music on chapman stick... 

Nate is currently endorsed by RL Drums, Omete Cymbals and Gongs, and No Nut Percussion Accessories. He is looking to extend relationships and meaningful career in the music business. Nate has a very diverse background involving many different genres of music. Nate Figlar is an artist that will always be a valued asset to any musical act.